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Laundry services for Restaurant

Your customer has chosen your restaurant. Why? …….the food’s quality, the service which you provide. But remember there’s something else – it’s the beautifully pressed linen that helps create the ambience and that special feeling your customer deserves.

That’s why we at The laundry point at Badlapur know the importance of a beautifully laid table with the perfect accompanying table linen. And we know our role in providing our restaurant linen services plays a crucial part in that dining experience

As a trusted laundry service provider for restaurant only The laundry Point is the best commercial laundry which provide superior services with the expertise knowledge of the restaurant laundry needs.

When laundry comes our services focus on three areas to provide the best services.

  • To keep the white whiter
  • To maintain the color brightness.
  • Removing stains and eliminate the order.

Once the restaurant comes in picture you will always try to attract your customer with the cleanliness of your restaurant. The beauty of it will be increased with the clothing use to decorate the restaurant.

We all believe that the first impression is the last impression, making whole dining look beautiful and special is the main key for it. The laundry point will take care to maintain the beauty of your clothing.

We are well organized company with the ability to maintain the stock quality for restaurant customer without losing the originality of your lines

From the moment your linen is picked up from your point , our special attention given through the sorting, washing, drying and packing process, right up to delivery at your place

All the items that come to our laundry are checked on arrival for signs of damage. We ensure that each job and each item are easily identifiable and traceable back to the restaurant customer at all times, for your.

If you are in the Restaurant or Catering industries, and you're based in Mumbai, then look no further than The laundry point for a quality, reliable linen hire and laundry service.

Whether your business needs a regular laundry service, consider the laundry point. We’re pleased to offer professional wash, dry and iron laundry service, as well as quality linen hire to accommodate the volume needs of commercial customers.

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